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5. How to setup product attributes in OpenCart Shopping

Attributes are used to describe a product and help your customers easily find what they want.

1) First, add an attribute group by going to Catalog.

2) Hover over Attributes.

3) Then click Attribute Groups.

4) Click Insert.

5) Type an Attribute Group Name.

6) Enter the Sort Order.

7) Click Save.

Now let’s create a new attribute for the group.

8) Go to Catalog.

9) Then Attributes.

10) And click Attributes.

11) Click Insert.

12) Type the Attribute Name.

13) For the Attribute Group, select the new group we created.

14) Click Save.


Setting Up Product Attributes in OpenCart

Setting up product attributes in OpenCart can significantly enhance your online store by providing detailed information about the products, which can help customers make informed purchasing decisions. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up product attributes in OpenCart step-by-step.

What are Product Attributes?

Product attributes are characteristics or features that define a product, such as size, colour, material, or any other specific details. These attributes can be used to filter and compare products, making it easier for customers to find exactly what they need.

Steps to Set Up Product Attributes in OpenCart

Step 1: Access the Admin Dashboard

  1. Log in to your OpenCart admin panel: Use your domain admin credentials to log in to your OpenCart dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Attributes Section: On the left sidebar, go to Catalog and then select Attributes.

Step 2: Create Attribute Groups

  1. Go to Attribute Groups: Under the Attributes menu, click on Attribute Groups.
  2. Add New Attribute Group:
    • Click on the Add New button.
    • Enter the name of the attribute group (e.g., Technical Specifications, Dimensions).
    • You can also set the sort order if you have multiple attribute groups and want to control their display order.
    • Click on Save.

Step 3: Create Attributes

  1. Go to Attributes: Under the Attributes menu, click on Attributes.
  2. Add New Attribute:
    • Click on the Add New button.
    • Enter the name of the attribute (e.g., Weight, Colour, Material).
    • Select the attribute group you created earlier from the dropdown menu.
    • Set the sort order if necessary.
    • Click on Save.

Step 4: Assign Attributes to Products

  1. Go to Products: Under the Catalog menu, click on Products.
  2. Edit a Product: Find the product you want to assign attributes to and click on Edit.
  3. Go to the Attribute Tab:
    • Navigate to the Attribute tab within the product editing interface.
    • Click on Add Attribute.
    • Select the attribute from the dropdown menu.
    • Enter the attribute value (e.g., Red, 1.5kg).
    • You can add multiple attributes by repeating the process.
    • Click on Save to update the product with the new attributes.

Step 5: Displaying Attributes on the Product Page

By default, OpenCart will display product attributes on the product page. Ensure that your theme is set up to show these attributes. If not, you may need to modify your product template files.

Customising the Attribute Display

For more advanced customisation, you might need to edit the template files. Here’s a basic example of how you can modify the product template to change the way attributes are displayed:

<!-- Example code snippet -->
<?php foreach ($attributes as $attribute) { ?>
  <div class="attribute">
    <span class="attribute-name"><?php echo $attribute['name']; ?>:</span>
    <span class="attribute-value"><?php echo $attribute['text']; ?></span>
<?php } ?>

Additional Tips

  • Attribute Filters: To enhance the customer experience, you can set up attribute filters that allow customers to filter products based on attributes.
  • Attribute Extensions: Consider using extensions from the OpenCart marketplace that can provide more advanced attribute management and display options.


Setting up product attributes in OpenCart is a straightforward process that can greatly enhance your store’s functionality and user experience. By organising your products with detailed attributes, you can help customers find exactly what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently. Remember to regularly update and manage your attributes to keep your product information accurate and helpful.

If you need more customisation or advanced features, the OpenCart community and marketplace offer numerous extensions and plugins that can further extend the functionality of product attributes.

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